World Peace Meditation & Sound Healing


  • Dates: Every Tuesday
  • Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM
  • Location: Infinity Healing Center, 3305 N. 124th St., Brookfield, WI
  • Facilitators: Dr. Dan Huber, PhD. & Calleen Bohl
  • Cost: Love donations accepted

During these transitional times, it is important that we all join together and change our consciousness to help change the consciousness of the planet.

We will start our weekly meditation group with the SoulSynch, Gratitude, or Serene Mind meditations from the O&O Academy in India. Through these, we will access the field of abundance. We will learn how to manifest our heart’s desire in our lives by breaking down barriers and limitations we have about ourselves and our ability to create peace and abundance.

Meditation will be followed by Prana Deeksha from Dan. During which, Calleen will offer Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing to each individual to help clear any physical blocks and to better integrate the energy on a physical level. Please join us at this weekly offering to help you experience more joy, peace, compassion, happiness and love in life. All are welcomed…bring a friend!

Twice a month, we will have a special Meditation called the Golden Age Consiousness Meditation given by a guest host. This meditation is a gift at this time from Sri Amma Bhagavan. It will help bring you more into alignment with your spirit and help ground the Light within you, thus improving relationships, reducing stress and increasing prosperity.

The whole purpose of Oneness is to develop the ability to perceive ones’ higher self and to maintain this higher state of consciousness. Oneness allows you to see who you are; to see that you are divine; to see that you are a unique expression of the Divine/God. Although we are each unique, we all have commonality – wanting stability, peace, security, empathy and compassion and strength in times of challenge. Life doesn’t change, but as we grow in consciousness our responses change. This experience can change lives, heal relationships, and give a deep bond with your Divine/God.

Be Who You Are!

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” — Joseph Campbell

But who are you really? Many people define themselves by the roles they play…mother, father, spouse, daughter, brother, nurse, teacher, healer, cashier, accountant, engineer, etc. Some people may define themselves by their ideas, religion, and philosophies about life. But, where did those beliefs come from? Have you ever given pause to a thought in your head and wondered where it came from? Was the thought really yours to begin with, or did you take it in subconsciously early in your childhood? Many thoughts may be helpful and uplifting, but how much suffering have you endured in your life because of the limiting, judgmental, and fear based beliefs you took on as your own?

I believe the healing path to be a very simple one, but often challenging. First, we need to let go of “who we are not”, and then secondly, we need to remember and “be who we are.” Many teachers such as Jim Self and Alberto Villoldo describe this process as a shift from living life in auto-pilot to living life consciously and fully aware of the present moment. A jet plane in auto-pilot can be an easy smooth ride, but if you encounter a storm or something that requires a quick change of course, that will be virtually impossible if you stay in the “auto pilot” of false and limiting beliefs. You’re likely to be thrown around quite a bit.

Alberto Villoldo describes living consciously as being the pilot of a helicopter. You can make quick and easy turns, but you need to use both hands and feet to do so. To live life this freely, you need to be fully aware of your own fear-based limiting beliefs, then let them go. These thoughts were never yours in the first place. They were simply passed down through humanity’s ancestral wounds and programming. As Jim Self says, the glue that held this together is gone, but “we still have our habits.” With that said, what habits and fears are still holding you hostage in auto-pilot?

The second step to “remember who we are” can be just as challenging. I believe we discover who we are through our own heart…it’s a wisdom that can be felt and known, but not told. Meditation and silence can bring us closer to this inner truth. However, as the chatter of the outside world falls away, we begin to hear the often harsh internal dialog. As Lee Harris says, “We need to have compassion for the mind and the pain it’s experienced in the past that leads us to have inaccurate thoughts about ourselves and our abilities. The mind only knows the past. Why listen to the mind when it tries to speak to you about a future it can’t possibly comprehend?

Who are you underneath the chatter? What do you really want in life? How do you believe this will make you feel? Even if you don’t know what you want, set the intention for how you’d like to feel. Trust the inner knowingness of your heart to show you that path. Start with unconditional self-love and compassion, and this will lead to a place of internal harmony, peace, and joy.

Living life in auto-pilot is easy, but may not bring the joy and satisfaction of living consciously. Ultimately, we get to choose. How do you choose?

If you feel called to live a more fulfilling life, I invite you to attend a new free weekly “World Peace Meditation & Sound Healing” at Infinity Healing Center co-hosted by Dr. Dan Huber and myself. Please see details below. All the events and Reiki classes offered can assist in your healing and remembering process, so you can truly “be who you are.”