New Classes and Guest Hosts

The ground is covered with a blanket of snow as I write this and my husband is out shoveling in shorts! Ha, ha, that’s Wisconsinites for you! But Spring is still in the air. Every year my heart jumps for joy with the sound of the Red Winged Blackbird’s return! The Robin also made its presence known about a month ago, and I’m reminded of the old Wives’ tale — “Three snows on the tail of the Robin.” Yes, expect to have snow after the Robin returns. I haven’t kept track if it’s been more than three snowfalls, but I have a feeling it that it has. Oh well, the snow will melt before we know it and May flowers will soon arrive. In the meantime, join us for some wonderful events to connect with Nature and the “Infinite Field of Abundance!”

Love and joyful blessings! ~ Calleen