Spring Equinox Despacho & Fire Ceremony

Wednesday, March 21st, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

At Infinity Healing Center

Please join Calleen Bohl in a Despacho & Fire ceremony in the Andean tradition for the Spring Equinox! The Spring Equinox is a time to ground our intentions and plant the seeds of our vision, inspirations, and new beginnings.

A Despacho ceremony is a beautiful, unique way to reconnect to nature and to come into harmony with our inner self, others, and all of Creation. In this ceremony, we express our deepest love and gratitude for all our gifts — even our “blessings in disguise.” By doing so, we manifest our intentions to draw more abundance into our lives.

After the despacho ceremony we will conclude the evening with burning the despacho to carry our prayers to the higher realm.

Fire symbolizes the energy of transmutation — to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form. We can use the despacho/fire ceremony as a means to ask Spirit to assist us in what we want to transmute or change within ourselves. Reflect upon and bring to the fire how we can bring our lives into “balance” or “right relationship”. Plant the seeds of vision and inspiration in your new beginnings!

Location:  Infinity Healing Center. 3305 N. 124th St., Brookfield, WI.  The despacho ceremony will be held inside in the main lecture hall. The fire will be held outdoors. Please dress for the weather! This will be a shorter fire than normal, but feel free to bring a drum or rattle if you have one.

In the event of severe weather, the despacho will be burned at a later date without the public.

Cost:  Love donations graciously accepted