Upcoming Reiki Classes


Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a hands-on Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing of mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is administered by a gentle “laying on of the hands” and is based on the understanding that humans and all living things have a universal life force energy that flows through them. Pain and disease result when this energy is low or blocked by physical, emotional, or spiritual distress.

Reiki 1 Training:

Sunday, January 12th, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM — Click Here for Registration Info

Reiki Level 1 begins deep healing that not only empowers you in your own journey, but can be shared with others as well. Learn to truly love yourself and others! Time allotted for guided practice and to gain comfort with this new energy. Class Fee: $175; includes written manual and snacks/tea. Minimum class size is 2 students, max is 10. $50 deposit to reserve your spot. Click here for more details.

Reiki 2 Training:

Sunday, October 20th, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM — Click Here for Registration Info

Level 2 increases your flow of Reiki and your understanding of how energy and consciousness work at the collective level. Be ready to expand your awareness! Time allotted for guided practice and to gain comfort with the increased energy. Class Fee: $175; includes written manual and lunch. Minimum class size is 2 students, max is 10. $50 deposit to reserve your spot. Click here for more details.

Reiki Master Teacher:

Sunday, November 24th, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM — Click Here for Registration Form

The master level will open another transformational doorway into the mystery of your existence and give you the gift to pass this tradition onto others! Course Fee: $500; includes 1 year apprenticeship, Master/Teacher manual and lunches at all classes. Maximum class size is 10 students. $75 deposit to reserve your spot. Click here for more details.

New Classes and Guest Hosts

The ground is covered with a blanket of snow as I write this and my husband is out shoveling in shorts! Ha, ha, that’s Wisconsinites for you! But Spring is still in the air. Every year my heart jumps for joy with the sound of the Red Winged Blackbird’s return! The Robin also made its presence known about a month ago, and I’m reminded of the old Wives’ tale — “Three snows on the tail of the Robin.” Yes, expect to have snow after the Robin returns. I haven’t kept track if it’s been more than three snowfalls, but I have a feeling it that it has. Oh well, the snow will melt before we know it and May flowers will soon arrive. In the meantime, join us for some wonderful events to connect with Nature and the “Infinite Field of Abundance!”

Love and joyful blessings! ~ Calleen

Shamanic Drum Circle for Peace


A Journey from Inner Peace to World Transformation

PLEASE NOTE: For the months of SEPTEMBER, the drum circle will be held on the 3rd THURSDAY on SEPT. 19TH.

  • Dates: 3rd Tuesday of every month (THURSDAY SEPTEMBER)
  • Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM
  • Location: Infinity Healing Center, 3305 N. 124th St., Brookfield, WI
  • Facilitators: Dr. Dan Huber, PhD. & Calleen Bohl, RN, Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Cost: Love donations accepted
  • Please bring: A drum or rattle if you have one.
  • Please RSVP: to 414-702-7478 or calleen@LovingLightHealing.net

There are many challenges in our world today. We can complain and feel hopeless about these events, but it is also possible to create change in powerful ways through Shamanic group healing.

In this drumming circle, we will identify local and global areas in need of healing. Then as a group, we will learn various healing rituals. Drumming unifies individual energy into a consolidated force. Through group energy, we will create positive change to heal troubles in the world at large, and also how it lives within ourselves.

If you are looking for ways to make your inner and outer worlds a better place, please join us to transmute conflict, violence and restlessness into peace, compassion, love and harmony.

Join us this Thursday evening, September 19th for another drum circle and also Autumn Equinox celebration! We will do a special shamanic journey to celebrate the Fall Equinox and embrace the gifts of abundance and harvest at this time of year!

Calleen will continue with elements of the “I Ching — TheTao of Drumming” by Michael Drake. We will continue the cycle with the trigram rhythm /drumming pattern of EARTH. “Earth represents all that is pure yin and is the sign of peace…It complements the creative aspects of Heaven…Earth nourishes and brings everything into fulfillment. It symbolizes form, fertility, darkness early autumn, and the mother. Earth is open, loving, nurturing, and the giver of form to all matter…The mind may be pushing beyond what our body can handle and the body cannot draw sustenance from Earth because it is trying to keep pace with our thoughts. We need to slow down and reconnect with the heartbeat of our true mother.”

The ancient Chinese shamanic traditions discovered the I Ching – a symbolic blueprint or map of reality. In the beginning there was only the Tao or mysterious Void. From the Void came the unmanifest essence of being in which the Yin and Yang (feminine and masculine aspects of the Universe) rested in a state of absolute stillness and oneness. Through the act of creation, Yin and Yang became aware of their polarity…vibrating and spiraling in a sacred dance.

Yin and Yang pulsate within all things. In unison, they are the moving force of nature and all its manifestations. All things were born of rhythm and it was rhythm that held them in form. Healthy living things not only have in internal rhythm, but also synchronized with their environment. The Chinese based their survival on keeping track of and living in harmony with the rhythms of nature. These rhythmic patterns of the I Ching are archetypal patterns inherent in the collective unconscious, woven into the matrix of the psyche. The ancient sages deciphered this code and preserved it for future generations. “Drumming is a way to access the wisdom contained in vibration…The entire universe is created through vibration and can be influenced through vibration!”